Poetry –

Why is my soul in a knot? 

It’s screwed up tight in a ball

Buried in damp laundry

Gathering new moulds

Instead of new worlds 

It’s up in a treetop

Tangled in branches

Fluttering in a breeze that does not move me 

In sight and out of reach

It’s carved out by cleaver 

The death of a thousand cuts

Sold into slavery

Burnt out on fever-dreams

It’s flirting with fascination

Concepts kiss its hand 

It smiles and lilts away

Afraid of commitment

It’s still afraid

So afraid so afraid

Of the end of the road

Of letting go

It’s asking why

Old hat is still important

It’s asking why

New hat is still empty 

It’s asking why

Time is so scattered

It’s asking whether

These works ever mattered

It’s wondering if

Another year, another year

Another decade

Another life

Will ever be enough

It’s wondering why

It’s still in a knot

It’s wondering what

Important thing it forgot



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