I have a problem.

My problem is that I find too many things interesting.

Mixedia is my attempt to find a cure for this.

Aha, I hear you say.  She intends to blog about her interests with such excruciating banality that they cease to interest her, thereby whittling down the demands on her time in a controlled and finite way.  Ah yes, you continue, she will then apply herself with discipline and vigour to leading a well-organised and picture-perfect life. You feel a lilt of hope that you too could achieve Inbox Zero of the Mind.

Mmhm, I respond.  Or perhaps I’m going to take an overambitious and ill-conceived stab at doing all the things.  With the thin justification that writing a blog transforms them into a single conglomerate hobby which is therefore socially responsible.
[All The Things meme]

That is a heinous lie, I hear you say.

I just smile.